Tuesday, January 4, 2011

[...Isn't that what shes supposed to say?]

Waking up in the night

My fist clenched from putting up a fight

Dreaming that shes running after me

Blood dripping from her hands, I see

Flashes of knives ripping through her skin

then pointing it towards me as if I was her biggest sin

Realizing that Im not dreaming

Its reality no matter how hard cringing

Telling me all of what I haven't done

"Your a failure! But look at you, that's a given"

Always pulling me close just to push me away

One day it will stop, is all I can pray

While I cry tears, she pays no remorse

Its her world, I just live in it...of course!

I thought I was someone she was supposed to protect

But in her eyes never will I be perfect

Why does she treat her baby this way?

"I Love You..".Isnt that what shes supposed to say?